How To Create Animation Photo Video In Capcut App

CapCut has been a major pioneer in leading the short video creation revolution that was sparked by apps like TikTok, Moj, Instagram Reels giving a platform to claim stardom by attaining millions of millions of followers. This rise can be attributed to two major reasons. Number one is decreasing attention span due to an information explosion (which essentially means people getting more information at any second of time than how much they are used to receiving based on a historical quantitative analysis). The second reason is higher work-intensive lifestyles with more work hours on average for most social media users.

When people have no time and the amount of information being given to us is massive. The competition for gaining a user’s time is more fierce than ever and for better or worse it’s growing faster than ever. Due to this popularity of 30 and 60 seconds, video format YouTube which has been a traditional long form of content creation has been promoting its own version called YouTube Shorts as well for over a year now. Which shows how much potential the short video format has even after 2 years of dominance.

About CapCut

CapCut PC is a video editing tool created by the celebrated App Developer Bytedance Ltd. in mid-2021. Bytedance being the parent company of TikTok gives an inherent advantage to the video editor. Data tracking and user data allow the developer to know and analyze what trends and effects are in-demand and thus ideally the developers can release that filter into the editor as soon as possible. Thus, making it easier for the users to jump on the trend and create stellar quality videos seamlessly and yet not compromise on quality in any shape or form.

From a statistical standpoint, the app has over 100 million installs on the Google Play Store which is the official app store for the Android Operating System. The app has proven to have faster performance with optimizations made to the application for catering to a major variety of devices.

Features of CapCut

CapCut video editor has a lot of features which in essence allow a user to create stand-out videos that shine in terms of production quality and design which are essential when a video is being put together or in other words being edited.

One feature that will upscale the engagement and views of a reel or TikTok is by using a trending sound. CapCut offers a more than enough variety of trendy songs that would assist the content creator in getting the perfect sound for his, her, or their content and marketing needs simultaneously.

The transitions, animations, and effects are competitive with many other similar video editors available on mobile devices. This allows better visual appeal of a video but beyond the obvious advantage, the addition of this feature allows this upscaling in quality without wasting precious time on more professional editors such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, or even Cyberlink Powerdirector. Not that those aren’t good but, for a 30-second video they are overkill in all proportions.

Classic editing features such as reverse video playback, trimming, speed manipulation for creating a slow-motion segment or just making certain changes in the video. All of that is possible by using CapCut that too seamlessly and in a breeze.

How to Create Animated Photo Videos in the CapCut App

Here are the steps to create the extremely popular Animated Photo Videos that when added with some trendy songs create a massive amount of views and engagement for the account handle in question.

  1. Launch the CapCut App
  2. Give the app access to the photo Gallery so that importing photos and videos is possible. This would make the experience much easier for the user.
  3. The next step involves adding footage from either the in-device photo gallery or stock image available from the internet within the app itself.
  4. Once selected the required number of images the vast variety of tools offered by the app can be used to enhance the quality of the video.
  5. Use transitions and effects to give it a more dynamic feel. Adding music is also highly recommended
  6. Once that is done navigate the arrow on the top left corner and use it to export it. The user can also choose whether to export it directly to TikTok or just get the file for any further optimization or sharing on other platforms.

    That’s all the animated photo video is now done and ready to be shared with the masses.

Alternatives to CapCut Video Editor

  1. Kinemaster:

    Kinemaster is considered the underrated leader of mobile video apps despite its free version having a fixed watermark on the video. The app is quite easily one of the easiest interfaces available on the market. With on-par performance with low-end and high-tier devices, the capabilities of this app rarely take a serious hit on performance. Editing, transitions, sound effects can be found on the app with an elegant user-focused design that makes editing seamless, less hectic and process-driven, and more creativity-driven. This is a testament to its great design.

  2. Movavi

    Movavi is just like Kinemaster and has a paid alternative. However, unlike Kinemaster, the app doesn’t have a free tier version, rather just a free trial for users. As many reviewers have already stated, the money is worth the squeeze due to a large amount of presets available and the highly responsive nature of the developer that allows better addition of features and bug issue resolution much quicker in its turnaround time.

    Last but not least due to the app’s focus on giving as many features as possible while keeping an easy-to-understand interface as well. All these factors make Movavi one of the best alternatives available for mobile devices.

  3. InShot Video Editor:

    Before there was CapCut the only app that had serious potential to rival the free video editor market segment was InShot. InShot has been an underdog due to the app not getting regular updates with new features and effects. However, despite this issue, InShot Video Editor is one of the best free video editing tools on the marketplace.

    All necessary editing features are available with options for even 1080p at 60fps editing on higher-end devices. The quality of the video rendered is often dream-like and perfectly captured.

Frequently Asked Questions about CapCut Video Editor

Are CapCut Video Editor and TikTok related?

CapCut Video Editor and TikTok as stated before are linked via their connection to the company Bytedance Ltd which is headquartered in Beijing China but is legally housed in the Cayman Islands. The app thus also has a better sense of consumer demand and it doesn’t ignore that fact which is clear from the fact that the app regularly adds new presets to all its libraries for better accessibility.

What are the minimum requirements for CapCut to run on an Android device?

The minimum requirement to run CapCut Video Editor is to have an internal storage space of more than 100MB and an android version of more than 5.0 which is also called Lollipop. A RAM of 4GB or more is preferred to make the app run smoothly and not on just barebone resources that just need 2GB instead.