Best Apps Similar to CapCut Video Editor

The world is advancing, so are the means to meet different requirements in our day-to-day lives. From handwritten letters and postcards to emails and from telephones to modern-daymodern day smartphones, there has been a significantly visible growth, especially in media and communications. One such flourishing arena in media is content creation- precisely video creation.

The video informs and entertains people. Most people nowadays would rather watch a video than read a page of text. Just give it a thought, people remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, but 70% of what they see and hear! This points out the direction wherein “effective” video creation is a necessity. For anyone looking for the simplest way to advertise their product/business/service – great video content is the key. Marketing isn’t as effective and interesting to its audience as is when done through the medium of video. We live in a world where a single good video can result in a large social following.

Now, thinking about a little older time, video creation was no child’s play, but it is now! You need not be an A-grade graphic designer at all to shoot, edit, and better the quality of any videos you want to create. With apps such as Capcut Video Editor, the user can craft compelling videos without putting in much effort- practically making it an effortless software.

Features of CapCut Video Editor

Capcut is a mobile app designed for both iOS and Android smartphones. It was developed to subside the basic video editing tools available on the very popular platform TikTok. The program is available for free download and use, and it is marketed as a free TikTok editing app.

1. Split Function
The best way to use the split function is to plan ahead of time; otherwise, it can consume a significant amount of your time. Simply open a video, move the playhead to the point where you want to split the file, and then tap the Split function. Because you can do this frame-by-frame to see the exact split position, you don't lose any video.

2. Stickers and Text
You don't want to distract your audience with too many stickers in a single scene. Text with animation draws the viewer's attention to specific elements of the video that they might otherwise overlook. One helpful hint is to use stickers sparingly. It can also be used to add humorous effects to videos, making them more engaging and entertaining. Capcut Video Editor has a vast and decently expressive range of animations to convey every mood and emotion.

3. Speed Control
The user can conveniently choose a preset speed relative to the original speed of the video. Make sure the original is in high resolution or shot at a high frame rate - 30fps might look grainy and amateurish if it's filmed at 30fps.

4. Effects
A wide range of special effects are available, including split-screen, retro, comic, dreamy, party, and so on. These effects add new elements to your video, giving it the appearance of being professionally edited. You'll find sub-categories of effects within each of these categories, allowing you to fine-tune your effects to get the exact one that's right for that video. The Blending effect, which allows you to overlay one video on top of another so that the subjects combine in the final output, is another wonderful effect to try out.

5. Reverse Videos
Larger movies may cause the app to stall or your phone to crash because the back-end processing is highly complex and resource-intensive. If you're going to reverse a video, make sure it's a brief clip or that your phone has enough RAM (8GB or above) to handle large files. Thus making it a little tricky, not because the feature is difficult to locate or use, but because you can only work with very short films. Short clips with a lot of movement work well in reverse videos. If necessary, you can make many clips, reverse them all, and then combine them by putting them on different tracks and dragging each one into place in a sequence. For TikTok, you can use it to reverse video.

6. Wonderful Music Selection Library
CapCut features a vast collection of backup tracks and music to add an interesting beat to your video. Some of them are free, while others may require payment. They're simple to incorporate into your video, and the playback quality is excellent.

7. Variety of Filters
To make your movies more professional-looking, choose from a variety of filters to soften or sharpen them. To improve video quality, there are color-based and season-based filters, as well as a variety of beauty tools. If you have many clips with distinct color variations or contrast and brightness levels, filters can be useful.

Best Alternatives to Capcut Video Editor

1. Filme Lite
Filme Lite is suitable for iOS. It is believed to be a considerably better editor app than Capcut. It has robust features that even Capcut doesn’t support. One can control the duration of clips, trim the unwanted parts, and reverse-replay the video edits without any hustle. It also offers speed control options along with options to resize and compress your videos. It is beneficial when it comes to the processing of slideshows in a professional manner. It is no doubt loaded with a variety of features and yet simple to use with basic and advanced levels of editing. This makes it better than the most complex video editing software available in the market.

2. Animoto
Animoto is a widely used computer video editing software. It is a tool for everyone! Starting from an editing hobbyist to a professional video editor, this app serves the purpose of all. The interface is simple and clear which makes it easy to comprehend and use. A few of the many exceptional features offered are- pre-built marketing storyboards, a font library, color customization, high-quality videos, over 3000 licensed music tracks, and much more!

3. Clipchamp
Clipchamp is a perfect go-to video creation application for an absolute newbie in the field of video editing. It has excellent functionality and also has an exceptional stock library. It makes it convenient for its user to combine audios, videos, and images. Give the finishing touches by adding desirable effects, texts, and a lot more.

4. Movavi
Movavi is said to be the best option at its price. Yes, unfortunately, Movavi isn't free to use software but it surely is great and worth its price. However, you can try its trial version before getting too sure of buying its premium version. It too has an easy-to-use interface with practical and non-complex features. Users may try its wide range of artistic filters with fair options to add likable special touches. It is comparatively faster at processing large HD videos, has an awesome feature to share media files, stickers, gifs, and a lot more.

5. Wave
You can post your own film or choose from over 2.5 million high-quality, royalty-free videos on the video-sharing site. It's as simple as clicking a button to resize your content for landscape, square, or mobile orientations. You can also create a Facebook cover video, which is the newest trend on Facebook. To execute your complete campaign the way you need it, add music and typefaces right from the main Wave panel.

6. WeVideo
WeVideo is an application that works in any environment. All of the capabilities of WeVideo are available and waiting for you to use, whether you're finishing off your film on an iOS or Android mobile device, working on a Chromebook in the office, or sitting behind the keyboard of your desktop PC at home. Everything with WeVideo must be done manually, unlike other options just like Wave. While you may enjoy the control this provides, if you're searching for a solution that will also save you time, you should consider other options.

FAQs - CapCut Editor

Q - How to Install Capcut Video Editor?
A - The best part of using this amazing application is that it is completely free to download and use. Both android and iOS users can access the software from their respective play store or app store.

Q - Is it better to use Movavi or Filmora?
A - Filmora is an all-in-one tool with a strong feature set, whereas Movavi is a fast and beginner-friendly video editor with a simple interface. Whether you're new to video editing or not, Movavi is the way to go.