How to Make a 3D Photo in CapCut App?

Are you planning to be a part of the famous substantial TikTok community? Well, if your answer is yes then this amazing application is just made for you! CapCut video editing application is one superb creation by Bytedance, the makers of TikTok. It is a robust interface that is loaded with so many features to make your editing experience fun and satisfactory.

CapCut (Viamaker) is functional on every android smartphone and is an ideal video editing software for your important audiovisual projects. This editor allows you to add clips, cut clips, change settings, and add music and stickers. CapCut video editing is based on editing a timeline, and you may add different features at different levels to bring out the best in your projects. Not only that, but you may alter any aspect of the video to your satisfaction.

CapCut has an incredibly large library that offers tracks and noises. This way you can add music to your movie, as well as a variety of stickers and fonts to make it more interesting. When you're through editing, just hit the export button to share your films on social networks like TikTok. With this program, making a high-quality, high-definition movie takes only a few minutes. CapCut includes all of the necessary tools for simple video editing without the use of complicated software. With all of the filters, virtual stickers, and other components available, you can make your films stand out and be entertaining.

Key Features

Speed Control-

Speed control is one essential feature in video editing and CapCut editor has this feature readily available to you. The user can conveniently select desirable speed preset by the idea.

Reverse Video-

CapCut also gives you a reverse option wherein you can reverse a single clip or several of them and even the entire video. It is easy to use because it works in frames.

Music Library-

CapCut has a large library of backing tracks and music to give your film a unique beat. Some of them are available, while others may have a fee associated with them. They're simple to add to your video and have good playback quality.


You must’ve noticed different movies have their distinct color variation. These are called filters. CapCut has a fair amount of filters to offer to create the perfect project that might do wonders for you!


There are a variety of effects namely- split-screen, retro, party, and many more which will help you ace up your editing game like a pro. CapCut doesn’t want its users to leave any stone unturned when it comes to creating a fine video edit.

Text and Stickers-

Texts and stickers are a crucial part of video edits because they help in drawing the attention of the viewers to the important parts of the videos. If not used carefully, this feature might even tend to make your video look tacky or in either scenario a complete masterpiece!

Making a 3D photo in CapCut App

You must have noticed TikTok flooded with one of these latest trends wherein several 3d images are arranged to create an attractive video. One can comprehend by looking at the various trending content on TikTok that effects and filters are important. Now, this makes it obvious to use an additional application to fulfill such necessary demands.

In this article, you will get to know how to create that perfect TikTok video to attract the maximum number of likes and shares to your video profile. More and more people are interested in short format videos than longer ones. This is also despite the increasing number of services that appear to have directly copied many of the features that have made TikTok a hit.

Let us have a look below at the steps to make a 3D photo using CapCut Video Editor-

  1. Download and install the CapCut editor from the play store. It is readily available for android smartphones.
  2. Once installed, open the application. You will see the below welcome screen of the app. Click on New Project to kickstart your editing experience.
  3. Now, after clicking on the New Project option this sort of screen will appear. Select all the required photos and clips from your phone’s gallery. Tap on the Add button to get started.
  4. You will see a blank black frame at the end of the selected pictures when you swipe left the frame line. Delete the blank frame.
  5. At last, select the frame with the desirable picture to be made 3d. Click on the Style option present below and you will see a “3d Zoom” option. Click on it and voila! You are done.

Alternatives to CapCut Video Editor

  1. Animoto

    Animoto is a popular video editing program for computers. It is a tool that could be used by everyone! This tool is being used by everyone, from a casual video editor to a professional video editor. The interface is basic and straightforward, making it simple to understand and utilize. Pre-built marketing storyboards, a typeface library, color customization, high-quality movies, over 3000 licensed music tracks, and much more are just a few of the many outstanding features available.

  2. Movavi

    At this pricing, Movavi is believed to be the finest alternative. Unfortunately, Movavi is not a free program, but it is excellent and well worth the money. You can, however, test the trial version before deciding whether or not to purchase the premium version. It, too, offers an easy-to-use UI with straightforward functions. Users may experiment with a broad choice of artistic filters, many of which provide reasonable possibilities for adding pleasant particular touches. It is faster at processing huge HD films and has a great function for sharing media files, stickers, and gifs, among other things.

  3. Wave

    On the video-sharing service, you may upload your own video or pick from over 2.5 million high-quality, royalty-free videos. To adjust your content for landscape, square, or mobile orientations, all you have to do is click a button. You may also make a Facebook cover video, which is the most recent trend on the social media platform. Add music and fonts directly from the main Wave panel to finish your campaign the way you want it.

  4. Clipchamp

    Clipchamp is an incredible video-making program for someone who is new to video editing. It features superb functionality as well as a large and diverse stock collection. It allows users to merge audio, videos, and photos in a straightforward way. Put the finishing touches on your project by adding desired effects, texts, and more.


What is the most efficient method for gaining TikTok views?

Following are a few ways listed to Get More TikTok Views and Followers-

  • Incorporate hashtags into your videos.
  • Use the 'For You' page to find what you're looking for.
  • Share on other social media networks.
  • Engage in conversation with other TikTok users.
  • Work along with others.
  • Publish on a routine basis.
  • High-quality content should be uploaded.

Is TikTok the owner of CapCut?

TikTok does not formally own CapCut. The two firms are tied through their parent company ByteDance. By investing in CapCut, ByteDance has shown its readiness in TikTok's ultimate prosperity.

How to make a 3D photograph on CapCut?

Swipe the bottom toolbar to the left until you find the 'Style' option while keeping the selected image highlighted. From the bottom, select the 'Style' option. This will direct you to Capcut's Style section. To add the 3d style from this section, click on the "3D Zoom" option.